Happy Birthday @ravmastaflex! I have never partied this hard or been this happy in my life :) #beautifulmindandheart #andcanhandlehisliquor #dreamguy

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She’s the type of girl that can be so hurt but can still look at you and smile.

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Sleepless Mind.

  • I am so happy that my housemates are chill, genuine, and FUN! I look forward to being good friends with them and yay we’re all Laker fans! (I’m actually a wannabe fan now that I only have time to watch highlights…) But yay. Yay to befriending good people!
  • The boyfriend is hands down so patient and understanding with me. God, how does he put up with my hot mess ass? Always drunk, always partying, always doing stupid shit… I am so lucky. But I work at it every day to be deserving of it one day :)
  • I was a serious DD for the first time in my life. Only drank 1 drink and 1 tequila shot the ENTIRE night and stopped drinking the last 2 hours! :) I’m VERY proud of myself. No one knows how big of a step that is for me…
  • Growing up is a very real thing for me right now. How I walk, how I talk, how I dress, how I choose… It’s all foreign but ad-libbed at this point. I mean, I figured I should act like the shit I want. I want mature friends, mature outcomes, mature experiences… So I have to be mature. Right? It’s a work in progress.. 
  • I’ve never slept with a nightlight my entire life. Until this year. For the last month and a half actually. It’s funny how that works. I have to sleep next to someone to feel safe otherwise. 
  • A lot of uneducated people are pretentious. Oooo, let the chaos begin.
  • God, why is my room an oven at 3-5am and not during noon??? 
  • I’m probably hungover right now because I have absolutely nothing in my stomach. Haven’t eaten since Thursday lunch and threw it all up over nausea that night… I guess that’s what staying up for more than 36 hours does to you LOL
  • I’m actually scared to test if I have diabetes. I make such poor choices in medical school and it runs in the family. I should start running more than once a week though LOL
  • Yeah… I think I have insomnia. I’m exhausted and drained out of my mind but I can’t sleep!!! UGHHHHH!!! But whenever I hangout with or see the boyfriend, I literally KTFO on the spot… I don’t get it -__-
  • I really like making new friends. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known each other. What matters is who said “I’ll be here for you” and proved it. Yep. I’ve been pretty okay with starting new slates. And I actually don’t mind rekindling old flames with good people. I don’t judge you on your past. People change. I’ve changed. I’ve grown. You could’ve too.
  • God… I need more sober nights. 

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